Bewick Class Year: 5 & 6    Teacher: Mrs Evans

Chaxhill and Wyldwood Celebration

Bewick class have been working hard making friends and singing at Chaxhill Care Home over the last 3 weeks.

We have enjoyed every minute of our intergenerational project. We joined with Blakeney and Pillowell School on the Friday before half term to celebrate the project.

We all shared the work we have been doing and shared lots of cake with the residents of the care homes.

Writing in Bewick class

Bewick class have enjoyed improving their writing this term. Here they are hard at work.

Passing the Baton

We are working on a special project called ‘Passing the Baton’ with a company called Wyldwood arts (

It is an intergenerational project that encourages young and old alike to think about the baton they will pass onto others. We have really enjoyed making friends with the residents of Chaxhill Hall care home through music, songs and dancing.

Chez and Rachel from Wyldwood arts have taught us some songs that we then share with the residents at Chaxhill. So far we’ve learnt ‘I’m forever blowing bubbles,’ ‘I like the flowers’ and ‘Keep on the sunny side.’

Today we encouraged our new friends to think about memories associated with the songs. We learnt so much from their stories: some of them sad and some that made us smile. There may be many years between us but we have so much in common e.g. trips to Weston-super-Mare and eating ice-cream on the pier. The one thing that brings us all together is our love of music and singing. We can’t wait until next week and our celebration tea dance.