Why you should choose Walmore Hill Primary School

If you're looking for a primary school for your child we'd like you to consider Walmore Hill Primary School. When you choose a primary school for your child you are investing in their future. Walmore Hill is a Small Primary School which offers small classes and very individualised learning.

We pride ourselves on the idea of Personalised Learning, which in our opinion is quite difficult to achieve in a larger school.

We place a strong emphasis on the acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills and aim for every child to be able to fully access the secondary curriculum effectively. We aim to educate 'the whole child' and to address the personal, social and health needs of the children as well as the academic. Good behaviour and good manners are very important to us and we promote these all the time, everyday. People often comment on how well-behaved and friendly our children are. We encourage all children to lead a healthy lifestyle and provide many opportunities and constant encouragement throughout the year.

We have good facilities set against a beautiful backdrop of outstanding natural beauty. But what really makes any school different is its soul. So how can we express Walmore Hill's Primary School's soul?

It's a combination of reputation, attitude and tradition. It has to do with the kind of standards - moral and educational - that it stands for. It has to do with its relevance to the world in which it operates and its ability to equip its pupils with what it takes to face that world and grow up in it successfully, to become happy and fulfilled individuals and members of the community.

Like any responsible parent you'll be looking for a stable start in life for your children. A grounding that makes them stronger and more confident in themselves as individuals. That gives them an understanding of how important it is to recognise that you are part of a community that depends on respect for all its members and what each of them has to contribute. That values some of the virtues that may have gone out of fashion like honesty, charity, trust, respect, diligence and consideration.

This is the spirit that drives Walmore Hill every day of the school year, to steer the children in its charge confidently in the right direction. It's not something that can or could be contrived. It's ingrained, the way wax becomes part of the woodwork through years and years of continual polishing. It is something the school and its staff are conscious of (and proud to be guardians of) because it is precious. It is something that can be acknowledged and nurtured. It is one of those things that is easier to feel than to express.

How has this spirit evolved?

It's partly to do with longevity and tradition. It's partly to do with the fact that Walmore Hill is a small school. It is very much to do with attitude - the attitude of the management and staff of the school towards the children obviously, but also the attitude to and active involvement in the school of the parents. It's because we are a village school and a living part of the community.

And finally it's to do with something that is vitally important and priceless to the few schools that have it. And that is love. The unconditional love of the school for its pupils. The love of its individual teachers for the job they perform, the results they achieve, the responsibility with which they're entrusted and the role they play in preparing children for life.

That is why we would like you to choose Walmore Hill School for your child.

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